AMC Is The First And The Best Loan Company In Jordan, Amman

Message from the General Manager

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I write to you today overwhelmed with pride of the success of Ahli Microfinance Company at the national level, especially with regard to the efforts to create a better socio-economic environment for individuals and communities. We have become a success story that many people in Jordan and the region seek to follow.

As the first Jordanian private sector company engaged in this area, and wholly owned by Jordan Ahli Bank, since our first day, we were keen to achieve a large number of important objectives, notably, increased market share and activating the role entrusted to us to support the overall economic and social development process, which Jordan is concerned to implement, through directing support to low-income people and providing them with access to develop their own business and to overcome the various challenges that obstruct this achievement.

In order to fulfil these objectives, we increased the number of our work teams to 200 employees and the number of branches to 24 in addition to the Head Quarter .

We at Ahli Microfinance Company are concerned to develop the capabilities of our team through cooperation with a number of institutions specialized in training and capacity building. Our work team joins such courses periodically. Our efforts are not confined to these courses, but we also strive to recruit competent employees in the Jordanian banking sector in general, and in the microfinance sector in particular.

Finally, I would like to me extend my sincere thanks to all those who took part in accomplishing this achievement and excellence, including our business partners and clients. Our special thanks go to the efficient work team who works diligently and persistently to achieve the goals that we seek to achieve, armed with science, knowledge and faith in the significant development objectives of Ahli Microfinance Company, guided by the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin Al Hussein to chart our path forward.

Once again, many thanks to you all.

Our Branches