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Non-Financial Services

Ahli Microfinance Company exerts its utmost efforts to support and encourage the successes of its beneficiaries, through providing services other than the financing services it usually renders.

The Company adopts principles of sustainable development as stemming from its acknowledgement of bearing social responsibility towards citizens of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through its various contributions to financing quality projects that assist in improving citizens' standards of living, developing human resource and investing in humans.

Besides, Ahli Microfinance Company surpassed the borders of developing the microfinance sector in Jordan, to support other pioneering national initiatives.

Non-financial services resembled in the Company's social responsibility were made real through establishing strong partnerships between the Company and Civil Society Organizations on one hand, and between the Company and its beneficiaries on the other hand. These partnerships are characterized by mingling the prime experiences with the appropriate resources and establishing mutually valuable relationships between concerned parties.

Moreover, Ahli Microfinance Company sought to improve the quality of services it renders to beneficiaries; provided free shopping vouchers from commercial centers widespread in the Kingdom, free vouchers for purchasing fuel, free mobile calls and Internet services, in addition to furnishing life insurance service and medical insurance , and subscribing them in the special "Cancer Care" program.

The Company also sponsored cultural and sports activities, and marketing bazaars which enabled beneficiaries from displaying and marketing their products without incurring any financial expenses.

Ahli Microfinance Company is always keen to hold periodic training courses, provide consultation services and hold awareness workshops. These are designed to enable beneficiaries to set up and manage their projects. Not to forget that these training programs focus on topics like; selecting type of project, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing market needs, preparing action plans, marketing products, expanding existing projects, and analyzing capital, profitability indicator ratios and returns on investments; which are all positively reflected on beneficiary trainees in terms of realizing decent profits and improving their economic conditions.

The Company also improved its relations with the Community where it operates, and organized various activities, such as free medical days and distributing of bags and stationary to school students, as a service to the members of local community in an attempt not to confining such relations to the Company's beneficiaries.

Also, The Company constantly and annually provides support for Queen Alia Competition for Social Responsibility, as part of its commitment to supporting the social and environmental objectives for which the Competition was designed.

Ahli Microfinance Company did not fail to remember the importance of distributing charity parcels on the needy in the Holy Month of Ramadan, and organizing regular visits to orphanages while giving gifts to orphans.

In another context and proceeding from Ahli Microfinance Company faith in the importance of youth; the Company sponsored "Career Days" where representatives of the Company met with students and youth wishing to enter the job market to provide them with the necessary advice and consultations on the means of properly engaging in the job market.

The Company also worked on improving capacities of youth and arming them with the necessary practical expertise and self reliance, through the provision of part time job opportunities for students to ultimately help in the alignment between the outputs of the educational system and the requirements of the job market.


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