Opening Jobs At One Of The Financing Companies In Jordan, Amman

Eftikar Al-Sheikh

Eftikar Al-Sheikh: "Yes, there is a difference"

Only with a JD2650 microfinance loan from AMC, Mrs. Al-Sheikh saw her dream come true. The loan was intended to expand her "Dar Al-Aman" kindergarten which she started in 2003. In 2006, Mrs. Al-Sheikh got the first loan and began implementing her ambitious plans to grow in the education industry.

Three other loans from AMC, her strong will and continuous hard work, made Mrs. Al-Sheikh proud of what she has achieved. Her business capital tripled, from JD10,000 to 30,000, with a monthly income of more than JD2,500, and the kindergarten is now the main source of income for the families of her seven employees.

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Nabil Mansi

Nabil Mansi: A success engraved on gold

The story started four years ago when Mr. Nabil Mansi took up the challenge of reviving a fascinating handcraft that he inherited from his father. Market difficulties and financial hurdles prevented stood in the face of seeking his pursuit. With the financial support of AMC, Mr. Mansi was able to continue his gold and silver carving craft.

At AMC, Mr. Mansi found people who understood his work conditions and were ready to offer help. He managed to reopen his father's workshop and returned to the market, with stronger will and clearer vision. Mr. Mansi started with a JD3,000 loan, which he renewed every year.

Mr. Mansi's successful work was crowned by the Citigroup microfinance award, which was organized in cooperation with Jordan River Foundation. The real victory for him was to be stay up to the challenge and continue the march that his father started.

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Muhammad Abu Aiesh

Muhammad Abu Aiesh: Winning the prize is the great step

Working hard to ensure a dignified life for his family consisting of three sons and two daughters, Mohammad Abu Aiesh decided to get a microloan. Abu Aiesh is fifty years old and has lived a life filled with effort. Abu Aiesh started his career as an employee in the electricity sector in 1982 having finished his intermediate studies and receiving a Diploma.

His talent and personality kept pushing him and he pursued innovative methods to provide more aesthetically pleasing lighting for his clients. Abu Aiesh never ceased to pursue consistent development and enhancement.

Although lighting units are machine made, Abu Aeish always believed in the human touch. In fact, this philosophy is the backbone of his fame in the market. Abu Aiesh’s business consists of adding artistic modifications to lighting units through decorating various parts. Through this offering, Muhammad answers the diverse tastes of his clients.

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Kawthar Taym

Ahli Microfinance Company is in The Heart of Kawthar Taym Success Story

Kawthar Taym won King Abdullah II Award for Free Works and Entrepreneurship for the year 2014, as organized by The Employment and Development Fund, after Ahli Microfinance Company, Al-Hashmi Branch, nominated her as one of its distinguished beneficiaries.

Taym stated that her ambition with Ahli Microfinance Company exceeds real time expectations, as she is always keen to expand her project. Thus, she received her first financing from the Company in 2013 with the amount of JD 900 to establish her beads handicraft project, through which she was able to purchase the necessary tools, which in turn facilitated and improved her work and offered her a decent income. When Taym settled the first financing, she took another with the amount of JD 1200.

Taym also indicated that her ambition is to expand her project, in a manner that improves the standard of living of her family too, the issue that pushed her to settle the first financing to take another from Ahli Microfinance Company.

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Maysoon Sawaai

“Ahli Microfinance Company is my support.”
With these words, Maysoon started to describe her relationship with Ahli Microfinance Company.
 Maysoon said that she heard about Ahli Microfinance Company as well as its remarkable loans and outstanding conduct of its employees from many people. She decided to develop her own project by obtaining a loan from the Company. She was surprised that there were various loans for building and developing projects.
The relationship started when the Company employees requested her to bring simple documents to obtain the loan. She admired the professional and decent method and humane conduct of the work team, in addition to the simple and easy procedures and the short time required for obtaining the loan. This helped her overcome many difficulties in the project that she undertook.
“I felt that I am dealing with my family,”
Maysoon goes on to say. “My relationship with Ahli Microfinance Company did not end once I obtained the loan. Instead, it continued, and the work team was keen to keep in touch with me all the time to identify my needs and check on the
progress of my project. This relationship was crowned when I received a great gift from them on the Mother’s Day. This was indeed one of the most touching days of my life. At this point, I was sure that they are my family and that my relationship with them is not confined to business; but we are really like a family”, she added. The most beautiful situation in Maysoon life was when she was nominated by Ahli Microfinance Company for Citigroup Award 2015 for industry sector. She was nominated for the “Best kitchen at Irbid level.” Maysoon ably won the Award, which created great opportunities for her at various levels. “I can only say that Ahli Microfinance Company is indeed my support,” she concluded.

Viola Admerjian

Ahli Microfinance Company Changed Track of my Life in Three Days
Just like many others, especially those who exert effort to establish their own business to be able to then achieve their goals; I worked hard to establish my own business and overcame lots of difficulties and challenges, but only left was
the financial challenge, which is the biggest challenge facing many, and I did not expect that such a challenge can be solved easy and in a very short time not exceeding three days.
I heard about Ahli Microfinance Company from many, and decided to approach the company for a loan to support my project, I was then surprised with simplicity of procedures, the limited and easy conditions.
I got my loan after three days only! which was the building block of my project, enabling me to move forward in the dreams I was longing for.
I got the loan in three days only, but things did not stop at this point, Ahli Microfinance Company also nominated me for Citi Group Award, which I was awarded in the year 2015 for the services sector. Afterwards, I was lucky to get many certificates of appreciation, which left me a positive moral boost to move forward in my track.
I would like to thank Ahli Microfinance Company for its great support and would like to extend my gratitude to the company qualified staff for their continuous services and support, and I am pretty sure that the company will always be there if I to face any challenges.

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