Muhammad Abu Aiesh

Muhammad Abu Aiesh

Muhammad Abu Aiesh: Winning the prize is the great step

Working hard to ensure a dignified life for his family consisting of three sons and two daughters, Mohammad Abu Aiesh decided to get a microloan. Abu Aiesh is fifty years old and has lived a life filled with effort. Abu Aiesh started his career as an employee in the electricity sector in 1982 having finished his intermediate studies and receiving a Diploma.

His talent and personality kept pushing him and he pursued innovative methods to provide more aesthetically pleasing lighting for his clients. Abu Aiesh never ceased to pursue consistent development and enhancement.

Although lighting units are machine made, Abu Aeish always believed in the human touch. In fact, this philosophy is the backbone of his fame in the market. Abu Aiesh’s business consists of adding artistic modifications to lighting units through decorating various parts. Through this offering, Muhammad answers the diverse tastes of his clients.

Since 2001, Abu Aiesh has his own store in Jabal Al Hussein. He trained his sons and instilled in them talent and ingenuity, as he believes his business is art.

In spite of these long arduous years of work, Abu Aiesh never stops looking to the future and is always striving to improve and develop his business. Abu Aiesh had been searching for financing that will allow him to realize his ambitions. He finally knocked on the doors of a nearby Ahli Microfinance Company (AMC) branch, and it only required one visit from a company representative to study the requirements before finalizing the loan. The loan, amounting to JOD 5,500 at a repayment period of 20 months, was given to Abu Aiesh, and trust, confidence, and a partnership between him and AMC proved to form the basis for a successful long term relationship.

Muhammad’s hard work coupled with financial support from Ahli Microfinance Company enabled him to win the prize of City Bank 2012 for the Industry, Handicrafts, and Productive Project Sector.

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