Nabil Mansi

Nabil Mansi

Nabil Mansi: A success engraved on gold

The story started four years ago when Mr. Nabil Mansi took up the challenge of reviving a fascinating handcraft that he inherited from his father. Market difficulties and financial hurdles prevented stood in the face of seeking his pursuit. With the financial support of AMC, Mr. Mansi was able to continue his gold and silver carving craft.

At AMC, Mr. Mansi found people who understood his work conditions and were ready to offer help. He managed to reopen his father's workshop and returned to the market, with stronger will and clearer vision. Mr. Mansi started with a JD3,000 loan, which he renewed every year.

Mr. Mansi's successful work was crowned by the Citigroup microfinance award, which was organized in cooperation with Jordan River Foundation. The real victory for him was to be stay up to the challenge and continue the march that his father started.


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