Ahli Microfinance Company - Ahli Microfinance Company open its new branch at Salt

Ahli Microfinance Company open its new branch at Salt

May 27, 2020

 In line with the Ahli MicroFinance Company’s vision of contributing to achieving financial inclusion in the Kingdom which goes in parallel with the national strategy, the company started its operations in a new branch in the city of Salt on Wednesday 27th May 2020. The new branch recorded number 25 among the branches operating in Jordan.

 The new branch aims at serving micro and small entrepreneurs along with women and young entrepreneurs of Salt, nearby regions and villages of Al-Balqa’a Governorate. It will offer financial and non-financial services to help improve and expand businesses. This in return will positively affect the local economy and sustainability, especially during the challenging period of the Coronavirus pandemic.

 Dr. Ahmed Awad Al-Hussein, Head of the Board of Directors of Ahli MicroFinance Company, said: “Ahli MicroFinance Company truly believes in the huge role Microfinance Sector plays in the economic development of the Kingdom – increased income, more employment opportunities, decreased unemployment rates amongst women and youth, more micro and small businesses all across the Kingdom.”

 Meanwhile, Mr. Marwan Shahatit, General Manager of Ahli MicroFinance Company, said: “The opening of the new branch in Salt comes to be a true reflection of our vision and strategic plans of expansion. We strive to serve as many business owners and entrepreneurs as possible and to help them overcome the current challenges.”

 "Mr. Shahatit added: “We’ve currently intensified our efforts due to the increased demand on e-banking services. We have recently launched our website in the new modern look offering new and more convenient features, such as applying to loans online, and providing e-maps for all our branches. Furthermore, we are proud to be accessible to people with physical disabilities.”

 It is noteworthy to highlight that Ahli MicroFinance Company was established in 1999 and it aims at enabling small and medium business owners to get the required financing to grow and develop their projects.