Ahli Microfinance Company provides several of non-financial services that were sponsored by marketing bazaars, such as the Souk Jara, and other bazaars that are held in the governorates of the Kingdom and which enabled customers to display and market their products in them as an added value service free of charge.

In the implementation of the principle of financial inclusion for interested clients including people with disability, on annual basis, a number of financial education workshops are held, training to manage and market projects, in addition to providing advisory services; with an aim to empower our clients financially, administratively, and from a marketing perspective, which helps to improve their projects and thus improve the living conditions for them and their families and empowering them to build their businesses professionally.

The company has conducted many different community campaigns as part of the company's social responsibility, such as the winter campaign through which coats were distributed to children in different government schools in the less fortunate regions in a number of governorates. A number of visits were also organized during the blessed month of Ramadan for the SOS Children's Villages Association, and a Ramadan Iftar was prepared and gifts were distributed to children, in addition to providing annual sponsorship of the Queen Alia Social Responsibility Competition.

The company celebrates its customers during social events such as Mother's Day and other occasions. The company contributes to facilitating customer participation and nominating their projects annually for a number of local prizes and competitions such as the Citibank Award and other local projects in appreciation of the efforts of its customers.

If you would like to participate in bazaars or training courses, please provide us the below info at [email protected]:

  • Your name.
  • Phone number.
  • Your business details.
  • Photos for the business and its products.
  • Branch name.

Or you can call us on our Contact Center 0797530530 to provide you with detailed information.