Ahli Microfinance Company - Complaints

In compliance with the Financial Consumer Protection Instruction, we provide different and easy channels to our customer to submit their complaint and make sure to solve it as soon as possible, feel free to submit your complaint.


Ahli Microfinance Company is keen to provide a high level of service to its valued customers by maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. In case you are facing any problem feel free to apply your complaint through one of the following available online and offline communication channels:

  • PO Box 23543, Amman 11115, Jordan
  • Complaints E-mail: [email protected]
  • The website www.amc.com.jo or through the company's social media platform www.facebook.com/ahlimcompany
  • Direct land- line +9626 586 5951.
  • Toll free 0800 2288 7
  • Personal presence to the Complaints Management Unit.
  • Complaints boxes located in branches
  • Fax number +9626 586 5952.