Ahli Microfinance Company Opens Irbid Branch

Aug 6, 2018

Ahli Microfinance Company announced the opening of the new branch located at Irbid - the new Bus Complex, in August 2018, under the patronage of the Deputy General Manager DR. Abed Al Hakeem Al Nsour and with the presence and participation of representatives from the public sector and the local community, several employees and managers of the company's branches, and the presence of a large number of interested people from the governorate.


This branch serves several areas in the governorate, starting from Al Hai Al Sharqi, Aidoun, Ramtha, Bani Ubaid, Al Sareeh, Bani Kinana, and the villages of Bushra and Sal, Al Mughair, and to A’alal.

DR. Abed Al Hakeem Al Nsour, Deputy General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company said: “This step came within the company’s strategy of expansion. We strive to facilitate customers’ access to our branches and to enable as many segments of society as possible to benefit from the company's financial and non-financial services. Al Nsour added: "The Company has served, through its two branches in Irbid, more than 20,000 clients and enabled them to develop and grow their projects.”


It is noteworthy that Ahli Microfinance Company is one of Jordan Ahli Bank subsidiaries established in 1999; it aims at enabling the owners of small projects to establish and develop their projects by providing financing solutions that contribute to improving a better life for the beneficiaries.