Ahli Microfinance Company The Gold Sponsor of Souq Jara

Jun 22, 2018

The activities of SouqJara started in Amman, last Friday, as organized for the thirteenth consecutive year by Old Jebal Amman Residents' Association (JARA), while Ahli Microfinance Company is participating as the Gold Sponsor of the market activities.

Commenting on the gold sponsorship of Jara activities; The General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company,  said: "Since establishment, The Company aims at financing micro projects, which in turn push the economic wheels. The financing is done based on real feasibility studies for projects to be financed, as per the set international standards in this context."

General Manager added: "The company's policy for this year, is in line with the objectives of Jara market in its thirteenth edition, embodied in intensifying the participation of governorates, and offering the opportunity for micro project entrepreneurs and home freelancers to contribute to raising the standard of living of skilled workers and women in these governorates. In addition to enabling micro project owners of the company's clients, and others from all regions to participate in Jara market and promote their products without incurring them any additional costs."

The company's sponsorship of Jara Market, which is one of the biggest open markets in Jordan, stems from its continuous efforts to socially and economically support and enable youth, by way of assisting them to establish their own projects.

Ahli Microfinance Company is a leading companies in supporting small and medium sized enterprises since establishment in the year 1999as one of Jordan Ahli Bank companies, by way of the microfinance services it renders to its clients throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.