Ahli Microfinance Company - Medical Day - Hai Nazzal

Medical Day - Hai Nazzal

Oct 17, 2015

Ahli Microfinance Company held a free medical day in Amman for residents of Hai Nazzal and its neighboring areas.

It was held in the company branch located in Hai Nazzal, a region that is experiencing a population density and growth, where more than a thousand citizens were served.

It was organized by Ahli Microfinance Company and in cooperation with Jordan International Insurance Company,  Al Jazeera Hospital, Save the Children and Ebal Charitable Society; thus to help patients who cannot bear medical expenses and give them the opportunity to access for free medical treatment.

General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company said that holding a free medical day is within the frame of engaging the private sector in programs that aim to serve all segments of the local community.

He added that the campaign offered medical services in various specialties, where cases from the area residents and its neighboring were diagnosed, treated and provided with the needed medication for free, according to General Manager who praised the private medical sector role in organizing such events for its importance in serving all segments of the local community.


He also valued the participation of the private sector and their role, where doctors from different specialties participated in this event, which included free medical advice and diagnosis, in addition to providing free medications.

General Manager also mentioned that this campaign is part of the non-financial services provided by Ahli Microfinance Company to its clients; the productive poor, low income and the local communities, believing in its social mission and reducing financial burdens on the poor and low-income that they bear to receive medical services.

Ahli Microfinance Company is a subsidiary of Jordan Ahli Bank, was established in 1999 as the first private sector microfinance company in Jordan, operating through its branches around the Kingdom.