Phone Number Address Branch Location
Madaba Madaba Branch +96253244432 Greater Madaba Municipality St.- next to Alawneh Exchange-ground floor Direction
Ajloun Ajloun Branch +96226440344 Ishtafina St.-traffic-under Ministry of Justice-ground floor Direction
Amman Hai Nazal Branch +96264370999 Hai Nazzal-Al-Dustour St.-building #147- Ground floor Direction
Amman Jabal Al Naser Branch +96264907529 Adan St.-next to Flamingo Restaurant-ground floor Direction
Amman Tabarbour Branch +96265053950 Tabarbour-Tareq st.- opposite to Tareq Post Office Direction
Irbid Irbid Branch +96227251072 Al Husoun St.- Raed AL Hijazi building-opposite to Jordan Ahli Bank-ground floor Direction
Amman Bayader Branch +96265820993 Bayader St.- Ata Ali traffic light-opposite to Jordan Kwait Bank-Ground floor Direction
Amman Middle East Branch +96264777310 Khawla Bent Al Azwar St.- Al Entlaq AL Mowahad building-next to Total gas station- ground floor Direction
Zarqa Zarqa Branch +96253980083 Al-Saadeh St.- bulding # 20- 4th floor-on top of Ahli Bank Direction