Ahli Microfinance Company holds a Training Program for its clients

Feb 24, 2013

Ahli Microfinance Company AMC, a subsidiary of the Jordan Ahli Bank, held a training course for its clients about small projects management.

The course; which was held in collaboration with the Enhanced Productivity Center Program (IRADA Centers), included several topics such as: how to choose a project, make a feasibility study, study market needs, prepare action plan, market products, expansion of existing projects, capital analysis, understand profitability indicators and return on investment.

One of the clients, Mr.Samir Kafarna, emphasized on the importance of holding such training programs that contribute to help him running his business, pointing out that he received financing for his dry clean shop project, on several stages, which enabled him to continuously develop and add the latest technology to his work. He also emphasized on the importance of such courses, where he was enrolled within the programs held by the company, which considered as one of the main aspects that will help him in developing and improving his project. He considered that holding such sessions reinforces the importance of AMC communication policy as an approach of continues communication with clients and overseeing development stages of their projects.


AMC General Manager said: that the company has been holding training programs for the clients served by the company, continuously, in order to help clients reach the early stages of productivity, functionality and best use of their capacity; so that they can contribute to the development and overcome obstacles through self-dependency in providing income, and thus break the cycle of poverty and waiting for a job to the cycle of entrepreneurship and leadership. The company, also, plays a role in contributing to the government's efforts in combating poverty and unemployment in addition to financing small income-generating economic projects and enabling individuals.

He added that these projects contribute to strengthen the Jordanian economy through providing necessary funding for growth for certain segment of individuals and sectors that did not have access to credit from any other source in the past.

It is worth mentioning that AMC operates in microfinance sector since 1999 through its branches network around the Kingdom.