Credit Reporting Service Agreement

Mar 8, 2017

Ahli Microfinance Company has signed the "Credit Reporting Service Agreement" with CRIF Jordan on Wednesday March 8, 2017. CRIF Jordan is the first credit information company to be licensed by the Central Bank of Jordan, specialized in the field of developing and administering credit reporting systems, commercial information services and credit solutions.

The agreement was signed by  General Manager of Ahli Microfinance Company, and General Manager of CRIF Jordan.

General Manager of Ahli Microfinance stressed that Ahli Microfinance Company has signed such an agreement as it is keen to furnish the state of the art solutions and services, to support the processes of grating and financing loans, and thus the Credit Reporting Service will be one of the vital tools to be used in this field, so as to measure risks and give a comprehensive view of borrowers. This also came in an attempt to ease quick and effective decision making on Ahli Microfinance Company, and assist the Company in reaching the various slices of society members, and meeting their financing needs.

 is fully confident when it comes to the partnership with CRIF Jordan, stating that the Credit Reporting Service will have very positive effects on the Company’s financing services. 

From his side, Mr. Amoudi, General Manager of CRIF Jordan, expressed his recognition on the partnership with Ahli Microfinance Company, as it is one of the leading microfinance companies in Jordan, and the first company to use the Credit Reporting Service within the microfinance sector.

Mr. Amoudi added: "signing this agreement was the result of CRIF Jordan strategy to encompass an enormous number of credit providers in the various sectors, and hence furnish a comprehensive database that reflects a clear vision on individual or business credit transactions and dealings, which will finally lead to enriching the content of credit reports to ease obtaining financings cost effectively.

It is worth mentioning that CRIF Jordan administers the positive and negative credit information, which are dispatched by Jordanian Financing Institutions through an advanced technological platform, and merges the information of each credit applicant in one generated report.
Moreover, and as a result of introducing the Credit Reporting Service; a large number of consumers and businesses in Jordan will be surely able to access financial services and obtain convenient and flexible terms of financing. One the other hand, financers can easily and confidently access borrowers credit history reports to be able to assess credit risks and make better and quicker credit granting decisions.         

Lastly, Ahli Microfinance Company is one of Jordan Ahli Bank companies, established in the year 1999 to render its distinguished services via its branches throughout the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan